Plastic Surgery: Overview

There are no secrets that the world is getting more open minded idea of plastic surgery. Cosmetic procedures become a trend among people who are seeking a way to improve their appearance, because everyone wants to be more attractive and pretty. In some countries, plastic surgeon is as common as supermarket. For example, Korea is number one in the world in term of plastic surgery. One of five Korean admitted that they have done cosmetic procedure. Because of the image centric culture in today’s society, more and more people tend to get plastic surgery in order to please the majority standards of beauty.
Plastic surgery is just a swallow way in order to conform to this image centric society majority’s standards. People should not just only pursue the ephemeral appearance and overlook the permanent of inside beauty. Plastic surgery is an unnatural way to change people’s appearance. During the surgery, people can effectively improve their appearance in short time. The most common types of surgery such as Botox injection, breast lift and double eyelids surgery are the poplar surgeries that people usually get. Besides, cosmetic surgery is very costly.
Surgeons need to spend around thousand dollars for every diagnosis. Furthermore, Cosmetic surgery is actually an operation. That mean the patients need to take risk on the surgery, and the surgery is not also 100 percent success. The operation is very painful and the patients need to take a long time to recover their body. In spite of all the risk they take and the expensive of the surgery, every year, there have uncountable people are still willing to take action on surgery in order to conform to someone else’s standards of beauty.

This is what our society look like; the standards of beauty are completely twisted, people are more care about the appearance than their health. It is really understand some people try to get cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance because not t not everyone have an angel face when they born with. That is the reason that people just try to found a way to get satisfied about their appearance. Can we blame on the people who get plastic surgery? No, it is not their fault.
This is actually the fault of our society, the fault of human concept. Because of our image centric society, people judge others just only form their appearance. People usually make fun on the person who is ugly or fat, and the ridiculous reason just because the person who born with an unperfected face. Some people are never know about how the disadvantage of an ugly face. Because of the pathological moral concept of this society, plastic surgery is the best way to help some people to conform to someone else’s standards of beauty.
The sad thing is plastic surgery can just only change about people’s appearance, it cannot change people’s thought. What people should care more is the moral beauty more than the appearance. That is no reason for us to change our appearance and beauty standards just to conform to someone. The standard of beauty is just an indiscernible thing, and it should be more personal thing which belongs to you. The way to change people’s appearance is not to change about the out looking, is about how to change people’s thought.

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Plastic Surgery: Overview
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