Pizza fps Marketing Plan

With the target market is middle- age people and tourists, who have middle to high income seeking for a fine dining assistant, Pizza fps define itself differently from other pizza providers in HOC. After 4 months opening, the restaurant gained outstanding reviews from customers (especially on trepidations. Com), easily fills up its capacity every day and estimated to increase its business in order to gain about 5% market share in the next 5 years. This Service Audit Report aims to analyses Pizza fps as a whole picture.
At first, the report take a brief introduction of the service firm including its nature of the firm, principal services, major rivals and market share. The report also zooms in Pizza fps target racket and potential target market as well as sketch out the restaurant among many pizza providers in HOC in the positioning map.
In terms of fps: Processes, Physical Evidence and People, the report gives out a look at its service delivery through service blueprint and points out many fail points and wait points in order to proposed some suggestions to fix these issues in Pokka-yoke.

Approaches and marketing strategies used to manage capacity and demand, respectively come as followed. One good point of Pizza fps is they have very good services and influences on customers. The seasons are their physical evidence and people. Applying Bittern’s Serviceable Model gives out an overview on how Pizza fps service environment can influence on its customers and employees. The analysis including ambient conditions, spatial layout, signs and symbols explains clearly the important of physical evidence on service marketing.
On the other hand, staffs of Pizza fps are believed to bring customers’ loyalty which is explained by the cycle of success and service talent cycle. Efficiency training program ensure that customers will happily satisfied with the services provided by the restaurant. Unlike other restaurant trying to retain their customers by using membership card for only selected customers, Pizza fps treat every customer with the most special and appreciate way from the small reservation call or a lovely hand-written birthday party card.
Beside pizza, drinks and Japanese cuisine are also offered to customers.
Major Rivals
There are four major rivals in the market that Pizza fps has to confront, I. E., Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn, Pizza Alfresco and Pizza Domino’s. Predicted Current Pizza Restaurant Market Share in HOC Since Joining the market later than other firms, Pizza fps accounts for a small market share whereas the major shares go to Pizza Hut and Pizza Inn as it is shown in the following figure
Figure 1: Market Share in HOC 1. Primary Target Market Demographic Age group: 18 – 50 White collar worker, students, family Income: middle to high Stylish, Energetic Sociable, Successful Middle – high class Cryptographic:
Potential Target Market Business Meeting: Pizza fps is suitable for small business meeting which requires a private place and special cuisine.

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Pizza fps Marketing Plan
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