Physics Essay

Select a device that has applications of electromagnets and electromagnetic induction, and then write an essay explaining these applications. Include the following within your essay:

an introduction,
a comparison of the electric field and the magnetic field,
applications of electromagnets and electromagnetic induction,
the principles of mechanisms of your chosen devices using various concepts that we have learned in this unit,
an explanation of Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction for various practical cases, and
a conclusion.

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Physics Essay
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The essay should be a minimum of two pages in length, not including a title and reference page. Feel free to include images as well; however, you must still have two pages of written text. Use 12-pt, Times New Roman font and double spacing. To support your explanation, use a minimum of two outside sources. One option is included below:
Review the following video. Please watch the segment titled, “Electromagnetism (MRI):”
VEA (Producer). (2008). Electromagnetism (MRI) (Segment 4 of 5) . Retrieved from
Click here to access the transcript for the above video.


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