Phoenix MTH215 Week 4 Study Plan

MyMathLab Study Plan for week 4

Complete the following steps to access the MyMathLab® Study Plan for Week 4:

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Phoenix MTH215 Week 4 Study Plan
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Access the Practice/Simulation/Homework/Game tab.
Select External Content Launch to open MyMathLab®.
Select Homework and Tests in MyMathLab® on the top-left corner of the screen.
Select Study Plan for Week 4.
Select the green Practice button next to the first unmastered objective.
Complete the practice problems until you feel ready to take a quiz.
Select the Close button. Return to the Study Plan for Week 4.
Select the Quiz Me button.
Correctly answer the questions to earn the Mastery Point (MP). There may be two questions per Quiz Me.          

Note: If you do not correctly answer the questions in the Quiz Me, you must Select Practice  and successfully complete at least one practice problem before you can  retake the Quiz Me. You can follow this process and attempt each Quiz Me  as often as necessary.
In order to receive the Mastery Point you must answer both Quiz Me questions correctly at the same time and receive a minimum score of 80%.


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