Philosophy of Leadership Statement


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Philosophy of Leadership Statement
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Submit the Philosophy of Leadership Statement .  Complete your reading assignments before you begin your discussions and include any applicable learned information within your post.

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Portfolio Part 1 due June 2, feel free to contact me if you have any questions on this assignment.  These portfolio assignments are about YOUR leadership developmentso you may write them in first person.

Portfolio Part 1 – Philosophy of Leadership Statement (5%)

The first part of the course long assignment is a Philosophy of Leadership Statement.  For this portfolio entry you will examine and articulate your own leadership experiences and philosophy of leadership.

To do this you will read the assigned class readings, as well as doing your own independent research, and review your own leadership experience.  You may also solicit the input of friends and family.  Your finished paper will be 3-4 pages long (not including the cover page or reference page, and attachments) in APA (6th edition) format and will become the first item in your portfolio.

Your papers should discuss at a minimum:

  • How you define leadership in public safety.
  • Why you think leadership is necessary.
  • The qualities and habits of a good leader.
  • Explain and discuss your experiences as a leader and what you learned from them about leadership.  (Remember this does not need to be experiences from a formal leadership position – but rather can be anytime you acted in the ways you identified above as being leadership.)
  • The personal values and beliefs do you incorporate in your leadership behaviors.
  • The leadership styles do you utilize.
  • How you motivate people.
  • How you respond to negativity or challenges to your ability to lead.
  • Summary statement.

This is the minimum; however you can expand on this list as you choose. You may want to include your favorite leadership quote, examples of where you faced an ethical dilemma, etc.


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