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Paper Assignment: CoyoteWorld

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Human beings use animals in a variety of ways: for food, clothing, scientific testing, and entertainment. Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s documentary Blackfish (2013) explores the ethics of using animals for entertainment; in particular, it focuses on SeaWorld’s use of orca whales like Tilikum.

Now suppose that university was considering opening its own animal amusement park (called CoyoteWorld) on the north side of campus in order to generate revenue. Imagine at this proposed park the university was planning on capturing wild animals such as coyotes, mountain lions, eagles, etc. in the surrounding mountains and housing them in small concrete enclosures. The animals would be taught to perform tricks in order to attract visitors to the park.

Would you morally approve or disapprove of the university’s proposed amusement park?  

Your paper should carefully address the following questions:

1. Would Carl Cohen approve of CoyoteWorld? (Why/why not?)

2. Would Tom Regan approve of CoyoteWorld? (Why/why not?)

3. Would you approve of CoyoteWorld? (Why/why not?)

In discussing whether you approve or disapprove of CoyoteWorld, be sure to (a) develop your own account of moral consideration; (b) discuss whether your account of moral consideration commits you to approving or disapproving of “HumanWorld”: imagine extremely intelligent Martians come to earth and begin kidnapping human beings to use for entertainment purposes. They open up HumanWorld amusement parks and profit financially. These parks cause human beings great suffering, but the Martians derive pleasure from our suffering. Would such parks be morally permissible on your view? And (c) what criticisms might others have of your account of moral consideration and how do you answer those criticisms?

Coral Cohen: 

P1. Only moral agents deserve moral rights. 

P2. Animals are not moral agents. 

C. Animals don’t deserve any moral rights. 

Moral agents: are capable of making moral claims for themselves, respecting the rights of others,making moral decisions, and accepting responsibility for their actions. 



Tom Regan :

P1. All beings with inherent value have a moral right to be treated with respect 

P2. All subjects-of-a-life have inherent value 

C1. All subjects-of-a-life have a right to be treated with respect.  

P3. Normal mammals of a year-or-so are subject-of-a-life. 

C2. Normal mammals of a years or so have a right to be treated with respect. 

C3. It’s normally impermissible to exploit normal mammals of a year-or-so. 

Subjects-of-a-life : all sentient beings capable of beliefs,desires, memories,preferences,self-awareness, a sense of the future,and the ability to pursue goals. 

**Your paper should be approximately 4 typed, double-spaced pages



2.Critical analysis

Introduction (0.5 page)  a.describe coyote world  b.thesis statement: “in this essay, I’ll argue that…

Cohen (0.75 page) a.explain Cohen’s view of animal rights.    B. Would he approve of Coyote world

Regan (0.75 page) a. Explain regains view of animal rights  b.would he approve of coyote world ?

Your view (1.5 page).  a. Explain your view of animal rights.    B. Do you agree of Coyote world?    C. What does your view say about human world ?  D. Raise and respond to the criticism of your view.  

Conclusion (0.5 page)   A.summarize  

Be clear

Add your own original thoughts.

Use section headers

Avoid direct quoting

Use examples


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