PHASE 1 IP Manage Organizational Change


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PHASE 1 IP Manage Organizational Change
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You have been given the task of increasing the workforce in the organizational development (OD) department. Part of this task is the onboarding process and the standardization of the methods and processes that are used to intervene when it is appropriate and necessary. One of the first things you will need to do is go back and refresh yourself about all of the possible models, strategies, and specific steps that would make sense in this environment and in the current business situation of the company. Determine the estimated cost of the onboarding process. What are cost-effective ways to build an onboarding program that prepares employees for their new work experiences and prepares them for embracing change? The people are used to change, and there is not much resistance with change efforts as long as the people understand what it is, why it is being done, and how they fit into the change. Your vice president (VP) has asked for you to give her a proposal on what your actions will be to become successful in this new role with this high-level task.

Your proposal must include the following:

An explanation of the 3 applicable models, strategies to use, and the cost benefit of each model  

Definitions of these models and strategies (taking caution to use the proper terminology)  

A cost comparison of the potential improvements your client could expect by using the models and strategies that you are recommending  

An explanation of at least 5 specific recommended steps that can be taken in the present situation described by creating a pros and cons analysis, objectively reviewing each item in the recommendation  

A brief outline of an action plan that could serve as a template for future action plans, including who in the organization would be responsible, how long it would take to implement each item, and the potential cost for each  

A minimum of 1 chart used in your analysis or description of a model or strategy being recommended  

The use of at least 2 valid graduate-level references and APA formatting for references 

Note: You have the choice of the following delivery options for this assignment:

A paper of 1,350–1,650 words  

A PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes totaling 1,500 words  

Visio flow charts with an accompanying script of 1,350–1,650 words  

Viseo with accompanying script with 2,000 words (plus or minus 10%)  

Smart charts


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