Pest Secret Recipe

You will hear that we are heading for recession, this isn’t true. Due to global economy run down and raising of inflation that can’t cope with income bevel, Malaysia who is already living on an overstretched budget had to add on more burden to their living expenses. *** Social/ Cultural forces Eating is considered as an obsession for many Malaysian regardless of their races or age. In this multi ethnic country, there a lot traditional food that brought up by different races in Malaysia and the social influence from the global. Malaysian love to Pest Secret Recipe By lazy eat and they spend a lot in eating, that’s the culture to Malaysia.
The expansion of shopping mall, supermarket and supercomputer had brought more opportunities to service industry. Consumer are spending more time in different retail outlets, create opportunities for food service retail industry. Technological forces Consumers especially generation are more likely to enjoy and expecting good service quality from food service retail industry due to the media and internet that keen promote food through advertisement or TV Show, which brought up the contrast effect to them.
Consumer now able to check out the review of the food service retail industry easily through internet and the level of influence of internet had raise mongo the generation Y. Another important aspect to be considered for current technological forces is the availability of WIFE in food service retail industry. Everyone want to get connected, even during meal, consumer often looking for free WIFE service from food service retail industry and it is one of the crucial factor beside foods quality, price and services. Competitive forces The emerging of food service retail industry had increase the competition intensity.

More and more oversea success franchise food service emerging, usually operate ender same roof in a supermarket/ shopping mall or supercomputer. That gave a lot option to consumer to choose when having meal, retailer have to compete with each other by offering quality yet affordable foods to consumer or even gain attraction from advertisement/ promotion. Secret Recipe is running under monopolistic market structure where they sell products that are differentiated from one another. E. G. Marshmallow Cheesecake – which rarely to be found in others competitors outlet. Read Royal Dutch Shell PESTLE analysis
Secret Recipe is facing integrate competition (Cutbacks, Coffee Bean; Tea Leaf, Gloria Jean’s Coffees) and internet competition (Tests, Cisco, 7-Eleven) which is easy found in Klan Valley area thus create a intensive competition environment for Secret Recipe to compete with. Recently, food service retail industry frequent adopts specific time promotion e. G. Lunch promotion / breakfast meal to attract crowd and target different segment of people. To maximize their profit, the trend for food service retail industry is to offer kids meal, because kids will bring their parents and it is like a bundle / package customer.

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Pest Secret Recipe
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