Persuasive Presentation p

Think of a problem in your company,neighborhood schools or community to which you would like to offer a solution. Develop a presentation in PowerPoint that you amight use to present your argument to the governing board of your chosen organization. Use what you know about  persuasion

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Persuasive Presentation p
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effective communication and message organization to sell your idea. In your PowerPoint you will: •Create 8-10 slides that offer a presentation introduction, body and conclusion. • Focus your message on audience needs and motivations. Use reasoning,appeals to emotion and audience interests. • Cite at least 3 ourside resources. • include a cover sheet slide, slide titles, bullets, charts ( pie, bar or line), clip art and creativity in terms of animation effects and word choice. • Use the notes feature to add the general text of what you will say in your presentation. Each slide will have two-three substantive paragraphs in its notes section. In most settings you would do fine with using notes simply to place your keyword outline. However since you will not be delivering this orally, more content is needed for your instructor to understand what it is that you needed to communicate.• Concentrate on formatting and the overall flow of your presentation. Be mindful of the rules of a good visual design. Submit your PowerPoint along with a paragraph providing some background, your goal and a brief description of your audience 


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