Persuasive Presentation

To: Senior supervisor, Alpha Hospital
From: Assistant supervisor
Date: 3/9/2019
Subject: Recommendation Report.
The current problem of the organization is employee turnover. Apparently, there are complaints from the patients regarding the services offered.  The root of the problem can be traced down to lack of employee satisfaction. The management also does not motivate its employees so that they can give out their efforts to service without any hindrance. The management team is ineffective in consolidating the work force in this organization. It is clear that the organization is in a state of imbalance due to the pressure that comes with a high turnover level and employee-employer wrangles
Recommendation and support
In order to achieve different results and be more productive, the current policies need to be changed.  The management need to focus on employee motivation so that they encouraged doing their best in their jobs. Employee satisfaction results to better service delivery. In any organization that invests in employee motivation and satisfactory turnover fades away completely. (Eslami, & Gharakhani, 2012).  The goal of any organization is an environment that favors productivity and wellbeing of all the staff. This is why creating a good environment for better service delivery is crucial in this case.
Reasons for supporting the recommendation
Productivity in employees emanates from motivation and happiness at work. Job satisfaction stabilizes an employee’s psychosocial skills at work and enables them to deliver better services to patients. This will eliminate any complaints from the patient’s side, which happened due to by lack of proper services in the facility. The morale of the employees and overall performance boosts as a result. (Ganz, 2010).  The value of effective motivation is indispensable in its ability to affect those it intends to and in a positive manner.
Counter argument and rebuttal
Problems in an organization do not necessarily arise from one side. Perhaps, the problem of the employees was due to a change that happened without their knowledge or time for adapting. The attachment to the previous management caused a shock after the change in management. It could mean that the low performance and service delivery was not associated with low motivation. At times, the employees of organizations are not ready for change. This brings misunderstanding in the work leading to collapse. Poor management could cause problems in the daily running of the same ((Eslami & Gharakhani, 2012).  The resistance to change always leads to a problem in any organization because there is always a lack of coordination. 
It is observable that when employees in any organization are satisfied the organization positively grows in service delivery and productivity.  When accessing a problem with employees, it is important to find the exact problem in order to avoid unnecessary changes that do not add value.  Competitions at work results from motivation and satisfaction. This is an evidence that the productive capacities also required a clear mind. Any changes in an organization must be appropriate and deal with the issues.
Eslami, J., & Gharakhani, D. (2012). Organizational commitment and job satisfaction. ARPN Journal of Science and Technology, 2(2), 85-91.
Ganz, M. (2010). Leading change: Leadership, organization, and social movements. Handbook of leadership theory and practice, 19.

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