In this essay with emphasis on argument, you will write with a specific purpose and for a specific audience. The art of persuasion in the workplace is so important that many businesses bring in educational consultants to teach employees how, why, and when to be persuasive. Often these companies charge several thousands of dollars for their expertise; however, to save money, your boss has asked you to write an essay that will be given to all employees explaining the art of persuasion and why it is a necessary skill in your workplace. 
In order for employees to understand what they are being asked to do, you should incorporate an extended definition of what good persuasion is and contrast it with what good persuasion is not. You may also want to incorporate scenarios that demonstrate both good and bad examples to help your audience fully understand how and when to be persuasive. 
Think of the type of company you work for, how is persuasion used in your workplace?  If you work at Starbucks, you may try to persuade a customer to add a muffin to their coffee purchase.  If you work at a doctor’s office, you may have to persuade a patient they need to take their medicine for their own health benefit.  What examples come to mind when you think of persuading someone for good?  How about persuasion for ill purposes?

APA format
3 to 5 pages 
main body
margins and page numbers/ heading 

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