Perception and Decision-Making: Dave Armstrong

Throne, ND develop a rail terminal and use it to ship truck trailers into and out of Texas. This will connect Dallas and Houston and potentially draw business from both cities. This business requires $1 million. Armstrong would put $200-KICK and Throne would put the rest of the money. Armstrong would be paid a salary and bonuses of SYS-ASK and share profits with Throne. This option is the most exciting for Armstrong as is has the potential to be the most rewarding but also has the highest risk.
Although Armstrong is sighting the fact that the business might not work at all and he can loss the money invested, he would show overconfidence choosing this job option, and a selective perception, by not considering his past relationship with Throne to asses the outcome of this future business. Armstrong worked for Throne in the past and the company they worked in turned to be unsuccessful. This would also be an impulsive decision by Armstrong, as he would be spending all of his savings without having a backup if the business fails.
At the same mime, this might be the best choice for Armstrong, as it is the position he is the most excited about, and might turn out to self fulfill itself as Armstrong shows his belief and enthusiasm. The second job option is to work with Robert Irwin, a person Armstrong had the chance to work with in his current job. Irwin and Armstrong would set up a company that would seek out producing oil leases that might be for sale. Armstrong will put KICK for the investment. He will get a yearly compensation of $ASK or one third of the profits.

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Perception and Decision-Making: Dave Armstrong
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