People committed crime because of many reasons

Question 3: People committed crime because of many reasons. From your own point of view, give three (3) reasons why people commit crimes? A crime is an illegal action or activity for which a person can be punished by law. Some people define crime as an act of offence towards the morality of humans. Others might regard crime as an act that harms the universal human rights. Therefore, why do people still commit crimes? There are many reasons why people commit crimes. Some crimes were committed because of hunger, need money, hatred and anger. Meanwhile, the example of crime is robbed, kidnap, burglary, steal and other.
The most serious crime is killing another person although their beloved one or their family. Crime is not known about the love and sympathy towards the victim. The first reason is people commit crimes because of their hunger. They steal the food from stall and also from market to fulfill their stomach. This is because they don’t have enough money to buy it. And also the price of food is expensive. For example, the price for one piece of chicken is RM2. 50. The price had burden for certain people. So, they commit to do crimes as their stomach full and not hunger again.
Usually, a poor parents steal the food for their children to make them silent crying from hunger. Move on to the next point, the other reason why people commit crimes because of the money. All people need money for survive their life. Nowadays, people just only see who only had money and they will ignore about the people that under privileged. Otherwise, people need money because they want to pay the debt. Also they need in fast time and don’t know where to get it. So, they will rob at the bank and the luxurious house. Sometimes, it can be a serious crime when they kill the owner of a house or the employee at the bank.

They do not care about the victim as they get the money. Moreover, the drugs addict that kill their blood family for buy drug. Last but not least, people commit crimes because of their anger and hatred. It also can be called as their selfish reason. This happen when the one person doing something out of control to other person. For example, the current issues at school like bullying. So, the bullying victim will revenge to the person that had bullying him/her. This may make serious crime like killing someone or beat their organ until paralyzed for the rest of life.
As a conclusion, people commit crime because of their self. They need to control their emotion and know what they do is a wrong way and not good for their next generation. In addition, it gives bad influence and the crimes cannot be banned again. So, the government must play their best role to give the punishment to the criminal like a death penalty for the drugs addict and serious crimes. The reason why people commit crime because of their hunger, need money, anger and hatred can be solve if each of people give the best commitment and not to selfish. (505 words)

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People committed crime because of many reasons
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