Peer Presentation Review

Evaluate one of your fellow students’ presentations posted on OneDrive. Using these review questions as a guideline, respond to your classmate’s presentation. Consider the effectiveness of the presentation, including what your classmate did well – and what could be improved.

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Peer Presentation Review
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Outline for Peer Presentation Reviews

Please consider the following points when composing your review: 

· How effective was the presentation? 

· What did the classmate do well? 

· What elements of the presentation could be improved for future work?

· Is the material presented in a clear and concise manner? 

· If there is one thing that you could learn from this person’s presentation and apply to your own future work, what would it be? Why did you pick that element?

· Does the color scheme really work for the presentation or against it? Why?

· How strong is the audio recording that accompanies the presentation? Is there anything you would suggest to improve next time?

· Does the presentation make a strong first impression? Why or why not?

· Does the presentation leave a solid lasting impression? Why or why not?

· Summarize your general thoughts on the presentation and applaud the best parts of the work.


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