Paper Thesis/Outline/Annotated Bibliography

Position Paper on     
Statesmanship in Organizational Leadership


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Paper Thesis/Outline/Annotated Bibliography
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The Thesis/Outline/Bibliography assignment must be written on the assignment you chose to use for your other course or the topic I approved on your Course Paper Approval Form.
Be sure to listen to the Week 3 presentation all the way through before doing the Thesis/Outline/Bib assignment. Don’t just read the slides–also listen! It is under 10 minutes, and it contains very important information and guidance about how to do this assignment.
Be sure to consult the Thesis/Outline/Bib assignment instructions document AND use the template at the bottom of that document as a guide for helping you create your own.

For your Thesis/Outline/Bib assignment, please remember the following:

Your thesis statement may not refer to yourself, your paper, or your readers. Simply state the  specific point about your topic that your paper will argue or demonstrate.
Your outline must have an introduction that includes your thesis statement, two or more supporting main points with at least two pieces of evidence (statistics, data, or source quotes) for each of those points, and a conclusion that sums up the main supporting points and restates your thesis.
Your annotated bibliography must include a citation, a brief summary, a brief analysis, and the relevance of at least four scholarly sources you will cite in your course paper.


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