paper Due Sunday 5AM

The Spitzberg & Cupach Interpersonal Communication Competence test is a self-assessment instrument developed at Austin Community College. It is useful in identifying an individual’s communication skills in key areas including: adaptability, conversational involvement, and conversation management.

Click here to open the assessment in Excel. Save this file to your desktop and use it for typing in your scores.  

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paper Due Sunday 5AM
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Once you have completed the assessment, In a Word document list your scores for:

Overall Total

Then, pick one of the 6 competency evaluations that was most surprising to you and write several paragraphs explaining why this competency was surprising and the steps you would like to take as a result in order to improve your communication skills. Please incorporate ideas taught this week in your personal analysis.  Include a minimum of 2 references and corresponding in-text citations. (The six competency areas are located in the lower half of page two.)


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