A technology is useless unless it is put to use. This is a crushingly obvious statement, but it does serve to remind us that a technology that never makes it out of a laboratory or an inventor’s basement might as well not exist. We have recently discussed the process by which technologies are introduced and then put into use. Here, we examine the method of diffusion, the process by which technologies make it into homes, factories, and so forth. In this assignment, you discuss how a CEO makes technological decisions and the rationale behind those thought processes.
After reading the module notes and all supplemental materials, respond to following:
Scenario: You are a CEO of well-established and profitable software technology firm that has a choice to invest in one of two new software technologies; one that promises modest profit with very little risk and another that may yield a very high profit but at considerable risk. Keeping in mind cultural factors (social values/priorities, politics, economy, technology, regulation, etc.) answer the following:

What would your choice be?
Who in your company might support the first technology and who might support the second? Think about individuals from all levels of the company, from the CEO and board members down to R&D personnel.
What considerations of your decision need to be made from a societal perspective? Consider individuals outside of the company itself.
How might the type of industry affect this type of decision?

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Support your position using appropriate sources that are properly cited. Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length (not including title and reference pages). It must be formatted according to APA standards (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.[PDF, File Size 131 KB], 6th edition, including title and reference pages.


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