Paper 1 (sources attached)

Interview paper. Interview someone about how their cultural background has influenced their schooling, learning, interests, and/ or academic achievement. Focus on cultural background, not family background or personal interests. Use topics from our readings to inform your interview questions and especially to support your analysis.

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Paper 1 (sources attached)
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(1)Description. Provides a concrete description of the interview including DETAILS and verbatim dialogue clearly illustrating for the reader what was said in the interview. 1-page



(2)Analysis. Accurately explains, analyzes, and interprets interview responses. Shows how the interview responses support (or contradict) concepts and theory discussed in the text and class discussion. Shows insight and deep thinking. There are no obvious topics the manuscript should have described but did not. Explicitly cites pages in relevant course articles. 3 pages.


(3)Conclusions. Describes what was learned from this interview. Describes relevance to teaching. Shows insight into meaning of the interview responses. 1 page.


(4)Usage and grammar. Displays correct spelling, punctuation, usage, and grammar. Writes clearly. Uses headings and paragraphs to group coherent thoughts.




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