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It was a dark night on a small island off the coast of Maine; I heard a shot, and a gunshot that echoed in my ears it felt like I was wounded. On the night of the gunshot a fisherman disappeared. The body was absent from the day of the gunshot, a young man known as Ryan Adams was accused of the murder.
Years later the fisherman was found, found for just a few seconds he was found by a young girl who was playing in the sea when she suddenly felt a hand. I was at the scene firstly it seemed like the girls was drowning, I went for her rescue thinking that she is drowning, but then a yellow raincoat flicked into my eyes. I screamed out “its him, its him it’s the fisherman that went missing at the gunshot scene”. I was in shock I couldn’t believe it, then I suddenly saw the fisherman moving he was getting, getting out of the sea. I screamed “he’s alive he’s alive” I saw for one moment and the he vanished, disappeared he was gone. I couldn’t even say stop, wait, don’t go…he was gone.
The following day everybody in the island was talking about the return of the fisherman, but just for a few seconds. On the same day the young man Ryan Adams that was accused of murdering the fisherman was set free. A further investigation was in process the investigation was named as ‘who fired the gunshot?’

Since the day the fisherman reappeared he was never seen again. One night I went out to the seaside to catch some fish for dinner, the sky was pitch black I couldn’t see anything. When I was fishing I heard something, something that was thrown into the sea from a distance. I turned around and looked at the shaw it looked like I saw the fisherman it looked he had that same yellow raincoat I was sure it was him because it looked like he was getting closer to me. I packed up my equipment and headed towards my home.
I had another look back and I saw the fisherman in distance, he was running, running towards me. When I looked carefully at him it looked like he was carrying something in his hand, it was hard to describe from such distance but as he got closer I started picturing it, it looked like a gun. I was shattered, scared in amazement. He was getting closer and closer and closer and closer, then I heard a gun shot it was echoing in my ears it sounded like the bullet was getting closer…then suddenly I flew out my bed and started screaming “agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…its was a dream, a dream, a dream that know one would ever believe.

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Original Writing – Birkan Akin
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