Organizing for Security

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Your organization has grown over the past few years and needs to update its security. The CEO has asked you to create a 1-page brief on the best practices and pitfalls of organizing for security in order to best manage risk-based decision making in a large organization. Your CEO would also like you to analyze the barriers for Hardening Devices, including mobile technology, and suggest solutions.Include the following in your brief:

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Organizing for Security
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Bureaucratic challenges of the organization, and barriers to effective risk-informed communications
Best practice in the acceptance or transference of risk (for example, cybersecurity, information assurance, device management, organizational management, software management, physical and cybersecurity combined)
Solutions to barriers for Hardening Devices that include mobile technology
How your organization will assist with optimal risk-based decision making within the organizational bureaucracy
How updating and removing outdated software and can minimize risk
What access control concepts and technologies will be needed for the update
What will need to be done to increase security compliance
Using Microsoft® Visio®, include an organizational chart for your company that includes the following:

Key organizational positions, such as CEO, CIO, CISO, COO, CFO, and physical security officers
How each organizational position relates to the various aspects included in your brief


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