organizational Leadership

Examination Questions
This is the EdD OL Doctoral Qualifying Exam (DQE) prompt.  During the week of the exam, the questions will be attached as a Word document and will also appear within the following text box.  SAVE (copy) this exam to your computer.  When you have completed your exam, submit it to the  Submissions Area (next page).  Do NOT upload your completed exam to any other area of the course.
Word File of DQE OL Fall II 2017
Argosy University
Graduate School of Business and Management
EdD-OL  Dissertation Qualifying Exam (DQE)
Fall II – 2017
Questions #1
Change, leadership, strategy (Rubric items:  1, 3, 4)
What is the role of the leader in  change management and   transformational leadership situations? Address the similarities and differences between these two concepts, including the  role of the leader with these two strategies.  Conclude by indicating if transformational leadership is the same as change management.  Be sure to include your rationale.  Integrate and synthesize applicable change management and leadership theories using peer reviewed academic sources to support your response.

10 pages not including  references and cover page   

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organizational Leadership
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