Org Comm

In the second paper for the class, I want you to develop your own case study in organizational communication.  You can use an organization for which you work or that you merely have interest in. You can use interviews, outside research or other means to understand your organization. You should develop an analysis that provides context for your organization, focuses around an organizational communication dimension and then proposes possible improvements.  The paper should be 7-8 pages, use appropriate college level syntax, grammar and formatting. You should have at least (5) sources and use either APA or MLA format.
So what should this include?
Well, you should provide sufficient context to understand your organization.  This is where the outside research would be useful.  Then, looking at your organization through the lens of the theories and methods developed in the chapters, describe, interpret and evaluate what seems to be occurring.  The text and materials also provide an opportunity to enact organizational change.  Do these materials suggest a solution to the problem?

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Org Comm
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