Org Behavior Exam

PART I Questions 

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Org Behavior Exam
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Please respond to three (3) of the four (4) questions below.  Be thorough in each of your responses; provide examples and discussion to further defend your position. Be sure you explain thoroughly and completely the particular theory(ies) addressed in the questions you choose.

1. Identify possible challenge stressors and the hindrance stressors that could be affecting your team members. Is it possible for the same stressor to be a challenge stressor to one person and a hindrance stressor to another? Explain your answer.2. What is the primary strategic benefit of entering a negotiation with a clearly defined BATNA (best possible alternative to a negotiable agreement)? What are some possible emotional benefits of having a BATNA in place?  Discuss in detail.

3. Discuss the relationship between creativity and innovation.  Is it possible to innovate without creativity? Is it possible to be creative without innovating? Defend your position thoroughly.  

4. In what ways will a matrix structure encourage collaboration and communication within an organization more than a functional structure or a divisional structure.  Explain your reasoning.


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