Write a 2100 word APA formatted paper proposing:

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– A Knowledge Management business strategy for your current organization or an organization of your choice applying the first two steps of the American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) program to include “A Call to Action and A Knowledge Management Strategy and Business Case outlining recommendations on how to attract resources, involvement, and sponsorship.  The strategy is to include who the various KM sponsors are and where the program and approaches funding will come from, in summary it is your plan to proceed


 – A knowledge Management approach describing the selection and design process as described in Chapter Four for the company you chose to support in week one.  Be sure to include the reason for your choice.  Support your chosen KM approach by describing best practices discussed in Chapter Five. Introduce the emerging KM approaches as discussed in Chapter Six.


Be sure to use a title page, an introductory paragraph, and first level headings that align with the assignment requirements and the Reference Page. 


BOOK: The New Edge in Knowledge Management (O’Dell and Hubert, 2011)


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