Online games,play and gamification

Assignment 2: Case Study
In Brief:
Research Essay
This assignment is worth 40% of your total mark for this unit.
Please refer to the calendar in your Unit Outline for the due date.
Length: 2500 words
Answer the following question using ONE game of your choice as an example:

Q. There is a clear distinction between ‘casual’ and ‘serious’ games and gamers. Agree or Disagree. Justify your answer.

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Online games,play and gamification
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This assignment is a research essay of significant length. You MUST use academic refereed reading. You MUST reference correctly. Please obey basic essay structuring rules of introduction, middle and conclusion. Please write in full sentences and paragraphs.
Evaluative Criteria:
What I am looking for when I mark your paper:

Accurate use of terms from the unit
Effective writing and expression
Reflexive integration of reading and accurate referencing following APA style
Articulation of a strong argument

Core Reading
1) Balnaves, M., Willson, M. and Leaver, T. (2012). Entering Farmville: Finding Value in Social Games, in Anyanwu C. and. Green K. and Sykes J. (ed), Communicating Change and Changing Communication in the 21st Century, Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference, July 4-6 2012.

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4) Gong, Huiwen, Robert Hassink, and Gunnar Maus. (2017). What Does Pokemon Go Teach us About Geography? Geographica Helvetica, 72(2), pp. 227-230. [Available here].

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 6) Piedtype. (2013). “Grandma playing Ingress stopped by cops.” Piedtype blog. Available from

7) Ferguson, C. J. (2018). It’s Time to End the Debate about Video Games and Violence. Kotaku. Available from

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12) Pearce, Celia. (2011). “Virtual Worlds, Play Ecosystems, and the Ludisphere” in Communities of Play. MIT Press, pp. 17-35. [Available here – you must be logged in to Oasis]

13) Crowe, N. and Watts, M. (2014). ‘When I click “ok” I become Sassy – I become a girl’: Young people and gender identity: subverting the ‘body’ in massively multi-player online role-playing games. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth, 19(2), 217 – 231. [Available here]

14) Monson, M. (2012). Race-based fantasy realm: Essentialism in the World of Warcraft. Games and Culture 7(1), 48 – 71. [Available here]


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