One love in Amsterdam Netherlands

I was there Amsterdam arena with my dad; it has never been the same between dad and I. He has never trusted me since I was expelled from school. We entered the arena and there were huge crowds of people I could not believe, it was unbelievable. We went to the checkpoint whilst I was there. I spotted this gorgeous black girl, good looking fit and extremely gorgeous. I was speechless as if my mom gave my slap on the cheek; I could not stop thinking about her I kept hearing my dad was calling me. I had to ignore him cause I just too focused, It felt empty around as if I was floating in an empty world of mine just her and me.
Inside of me I felt like shouting all my anger and bringing love in me. I kept on starring, trying to communication, eye contact, whilst my dad calling me, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her I couldn’t blink. From then on I thought I have to make some sort of Approach. She was just too irresistible I just thought she’s mine, still starring at each other I knew that there was something special. Suddenly we both started walking towards the door side ways facing each other, bumping in to people, exiting the arena thinking of what to say, we approached each other as if we have never seen a person before.
Hi, she responded hi, `I could tell she was a bit shy, anyway I do not mind shy girls. My name is Ethan but my friends call me big Ethan. Now would they call a handsome guy like you big Ethan, because I am, big, cuddly and strong. My prediction was wrong she was not shy at all. What is your name young lady, Jasmine, my name is jasmine but you can call anything you want. So what is a beautiful girl like you doing here, why thank you, I’m here with a couple of friends, are your friends as beautiful as you are. She never answered the question, it was a bit strange, and I felt unsecure from that point, I couldn’t feel the trust, between us.

Here they come they approached me the way jasmine and I approached each other. One of the girls was whispering I could make out what she was saying. The girls looked shy, because there were hiding behind jasmines back, as if they had never seen humans before. Girls this is Ethan, hi Ethan. Ethan that is Monica, Lisa and Vanessa. They all started to giggle, don’t worry they always do this when they see handsome boy like you. So you must be Vanessa, jasmine was just talking about you, as I was moving along greeting them and I take it your Lisa hello Ethan, and you must be the lovely Monica boy you are harming.
Every time I shacked one of the girls’ hands I could see a warning in their eyes, I do not know why it happened it must have been my imagination. Vanessa was half cast girl with plated hair with streaks running down the hair great personality, identical to jasmine except the face totally different from each other. The great thing was they all did not have a childish act, they acted like adults. Because I remember when I was at school they all used to say oh boy I hate boy, That still goes in schools. The other thing was, they were extremely good looking and much more fitter.
So ladies can I take you out for drink sure. In me I said to my elf this is my night. Follow me ladies, we walked to the nearest Dutch restaurant, the BJi??RDWING cafi??. It looked like one of that American silver with seventies style writing, carriages like the one in back to the future with tight leather seats, there called dinners. Just remembered something girls, I have to call him on the mobile al else he’ll be worried sick about me. When calling, I saw the girl’s giggling gossiping boy they might even think I am a daddy’s boy or even mommy’s boy.
Oh dad it me Ethan, Ethan were have you been I’ve been worried sick, on’t worry, don’t what was meant to think when you left, I am fine dad. Son I want you back here now, but, no but, no what did you say, no leave me alone since I was twelve you been treating me like a baby but I’m not a child any more I’m You’ve never given me a chance a live independently I’m seventeen years old. From then I had hang the telephone, in me I could feel pain the pain. When you feel that person a you love won’t give you a chance, I felt liked my heart would burst with anger, and my veins popping out like a hulk. I sat down hiding the expression on my face that I had when speaking on the telephone.
So ladies what may a get you ladies? Vanessa responded rapidly saying you can get me anything you want, everyone just looked at her, especially jasmine, I could see it in her sparking eyes how she felt, Personally, I felt that Vanessa was a flirt. I told the girls that I now places were we could go and spend some time, I told them it was a surprise. We were walking on the streets of Amsterdam bracing ourselves. Walking in a group so at least we could defend our selves, suddenly a trump jumped right in front of use, this old raged old man, who wore a fisher mans suit with a hat, he smelt worse than the public toilets, n the high streets. A drunken mad person had not shaved for a long time all this I could tell by looking at him.
For a moment, I thought we would die. We increased our walking speed, the trump still following us. We turned around and looked behind us, he was gone . it looked like we were too fast for him, the like light began to fade in the allay way, whilst the dark skies covering the moon as if on of us would turn in to a wolf. We walked threw the alleyway just about to walk out of it, suddenly there was a noise, I thought was one of the girls stamped on something. Then I shouted look! Look! .
It was the most horrifying thing I had ever saw, a black cat shredding this mouse into pieces, While all the girls couldn’t bare to look for a second. Moreover, jasmine on my shoulder sacred out of her life. The cat just left the helpless the rat eaten to shreds with it guts hanging out and blood running down to the pipeline like water floods. We continued walking until we saw the amazing blocks of house and so much light as if they had put a torch in my face or as if I was questioned by the federal government the C. I. A the F. B. I. We walked a blocks to my friend house, he name is Jesse we have known ach other since child hood, he’s like a brother to me, also my best friend.
We walked up to his house, we rang the bell, we waited we were just took our first step down, then he finally answered. When he opened the door he had, his pyjamas on I was surprised to see Jesse in his pyjamas because not an early sleeper. Oh its brother, yeah its me brother Eth, so why are you wearing pyjamas now it’s even midnight. No its just I have nothing else to do. Anyway, we are going to night do you want come yeah of course. In addition, you said we, where are the rest oh sorry.
Girls come up, so t looks like you came honeys, girls that’s Jesse, hello Jesse. So are your parents around no there all out on a business trip. It looks like we have the house to ourselves I guess so, when I said that we have the house to ourselves, Jesse didn’t look happy this wasn’t the Jesse I knew, the Jesse that I spent my child hood with. Therefore, are you going to let us in or let us freezes to death out here, sorry of course, you could come in Come in girls, they all walk in one by one while I was introducing them to Jesse. That’s my girl she’s jasmine, this is Vanessa, come in baby, (I warned
Jesse if he said anything a bit too explicit, she would take it the wrong way) boy get some tick tuck, I warned Jesse about it but he never did listen. That is Monica and Lisa Jasmines best friend they are good looking. Jesse went to freshen up, while we were down in the lounge having some drinks. Fifteen minutes later Jesse cam down looking good handsome why thanks Vanessa. I was shocked at the way Vanessa had a change of mind the she acted. Then the door rang who could be there, I thought. You said your parents are gone don’t worry its not as if it’s the police. The way it sounded as if he already knew who was at the door.
Simon & Michael what is up? I recognised the voice, is that Michael, I rushed to the door `’Mickey” “brother” and it looks like Simon came along, coming in. we went and sat in the lounge, while the girls were listening, so mike what are you doing here. I just arrived from Hong Kong with Simon, some of our friends told us you were here in the neighbourhood, is that Jesse, gosh you have grown. I was a bit surprised to see Simon, when I looked at him he looked lost as if he didn’t know me. However, while looking at him I was quiet confused because the Simon I know was totally different? This wasn’t the Simon I knew.
I was speaking to Michael and Jesse, Simon went to speak with the girls then, I turned around I saw Simon touching Jasmine in a way I could not explain I was disgusted when saw Simon touching her in an annual manner. My heart was beating so fast I thought it was an earthquake . I shouted get of my girl! I repeatedly kept on shouting just seeing Simon caressing her hair, running his hands down her face. I felt like murdering him, I got him on the floor and started punching him, if it weren’t for Jesse, and Michael to stop it, he’d be dead. I cooled down the, girl were wondering what was going on.
I told jasmine why I was furious she then told the rest of her friends. The girl decided to stay for the night. We never really got to know them. When I kept my cool I walked to Simon and apologised to how I had reacted, he seemed cool about it. When shaking his hand I saw an expression that he had on his face that I did not like but it quiet unexplainable I rapidly withdrew my hand as if I was agitated and walked off. He stood there as if he had been in a shock I grabbed jasmine, put my hand on her should as if we were at the movies, So, boys or girls are we staying here or going to party or what
Yeah were going to party every body else looked in mood except for Simon he has never liked the outdoors I’d think he would rather play video games. I didn’t bother asking him because, it just raise to many arguments. Michael had arrived with some fire works from Hong Kong, and he knew were we could light then up. I quite shocked because Michael had only arrived from Hong Kong today. I when up to Simon asking why he was so quiet, but he didn’t answer Simon leaning on the balcony without saying a word as if he was speechless.
I asked Monica to try and comfort him I didn’t want him to e that quiet as if he was lost in the world, like a boy Despite falling out with him, I still felt sorry for I had to putt every behind me try to make sure it will never happen again. We left Jesse’s house to walk to the beach it wasn’t a public beach of course not anyway who would be at the beach at midnight except for us We started off. I had the urge to start speaking to jasmine while everybody else was holding hands. So jasmine I haven’t really got to know you that much, of course you know my name. But I want to know everything about you. Well I was born her in Amsterdam, suddenly I felt a shiver on her I ave her my coat to wear, she continued.
My dad died two yours ago, `’oh I’m very sorry” I hope you don’t mind me asking what happened. Well he was selling drugs; he was with, the Mafia he was an alcoholic he apparently owed loads of money to this person. I think it was Andrew he had a middle name I cannot remember, wait it was Alcapone the last name started with a d this is just too much. She continued. One night he was watching television, I was quite young then. I heard my dad crying for help; shouting screaming I could feel the pain he was going threw. He shouted my name I rushed down.
It was too late; the murderer had already left he put a note around the knife saying he’ll be back. Since then we have changed our name, but I will never forget his face, he was beastly look alike I did not know what to do. He was laying there with a knife threw his body I sat there saying to myself `’why…. Why… ” while steam rising from his gaping wound. “Have the police ever found him? ” ”They did but it had been too late he had committed suicide at least that is what they said, but I believe he still alive”. ometimes I think I want revenge and to think what he did to my amily, he ripped our hearts out my soul, my life, and the person I love. But the one thing I will never forgive him. He ripped our family apart! But I had to get over it, if I had killed Andrew Capone what next, I would have felt guilty for taking a man’s life. [INS: :INS] ”What about your mom? ” Mom hardly speaks, since he died, once she shouted why just the word I said when he was murdered. Too many questions, I sometimes could feel the pain she is going through and one day I hope I would be able to take the pain away. What does she do? She works for the United Nations.
For a moment there I could the pain she was going through, she then drew a tear of sadness I could sense she wanted revenge but didn’t know were to go she was lost like I was. She then asked about me. ”What about you? ” Born in Gaborone Botswana No brothers or sisters, my parents are diplomats. “Lucky you have both of your parents alive”, `’not quite because, my mom died two years ago. ” “I thought you said your parents are diplomats” “You don’t get it, I had two moms at least that what my parents said” “Why did they say that? ” “I don’t really know, they said she died in a car crush, but the hing that puzzles me, they never found a body, but I think there trying to keep as apart for some reason. ”
“Then how come you have two moms” “Well in Botswana you can marry at least three or four, but you must be able to support the family” “So when you grow older would you marry load of wives? ” `’No there is only one for me, and it is a special one, you know that special person the perfect match. ” `’ So who is that special one” approaching me as if she was going to stroke my face with a grin on her face grin as if she expected me to say her name. When she asked me that question, I could immediately see a sparkle in er eyes; I could see us together on the waters in her blue eyes. She asked whom that special one was again, but really I didn’t I wasn’t sure if she was that special one, were we meant for each other I asked myself and I was still not sure.
“No”, I answered, I just do not know. It is not that I do not like her, in fact, I love her. Nevertheless, I am not sure if she feels the same about me, I tried to answer questions that I have never been able to answer before, Does she feel the same about me? I was not sure, too many question I could not answer. One thing that Jasmine and I have in common is that we both live imilar lives. We reach the lake there I saw a cliff, I thought to myself I have seen that some where I swear but I just couldn’t make out where I saw it. Michael and Simon set-up the fire works, while we brought some wood with us, to light a small fire. Then Jesse and I move further up the lake so we can speak privately so the rest could be better acquainted.
Hence, Jesse what do you think about Vanessa? She is all right actually I think I love, but the love I have for her is unexplainable, I can feel the force pulling us together, like magnets. What about you Ethan well I like jasmine more than like, I could feel something pecial building up you know that tingly feeling that you get when everything is going your way, but I just don’t know if she the right one I am not it puzzles me. Jesse do you think you would ever spend the rest of your life with Vanessa.
You cant really answer that question because were still young, as a teenager I just cant say, considering I have not even thought about it yet, and we have just known each other for a day. What about you Ethan what do you think about jasmine? I love jasmine though I have only known her for a day, but I felt that I had already known her. It was too convoluted to explain. I do have feelings for er but I am not sure if she is that special one, that I can be able to spend the rest of my life with her.
You must be joking, spend the rest of you life with her, what, there’s nothing wrong with jasmine! Its not jasmine its just were too young to get married, we have to live our lives before that I would have thought I would get married at thirty years old. That my option, I don’t mind because it’s not me getting married early, I am your best friend, it is only me to advise you but at the end of the day it is your choice if you want to do it or not. However, I could feel that Jesse felt the same that I did but to
Vanessa, for some reason I felt he was lying to me. Every time I asked him a question, when answering the questions he kept on turning his head around as if he could sense some behind him. Suddenly when Jesse and I were speaking we both her a noise, coming from all directions, as If cars had surrounded us with the engine running. Jesse and I could not make out what it was, Jesse and I stood up whilst squinting trying to see what it was looking lost as if we were in the jungle trying to find our way home.
Whilst everybody wondering what was going on, Then all I could remember was Jesse warning watch out motor bike ruising threw the beach as if it was a dirt track. And Jesse laying on the silky sand on the lake, trying to help, I took him in my hands, as if was carrying a baby lost in the wilderness trying to keep him safe. Holding him, Michael came and checks his pulse as if he were a paramedic, Michael said there was no hope he was dead, not breathing. Holding him did not give up. I knew he would not die without a fight. I have never lost faith in him and I will not lose faith in him now. I sat there in agony repeatedly shouting this cannot be happening tears dripping like heavy rain tears of faith.
This cannot be happening to me why I ask myself too many questions, he is like a brother to me, please forgive me I beg you, he risked he’s life for mine. Whilst resisting to whip his tears off his face letting the tears drip on he’s face as if he was being baptised. From then on, I knew how Romeo felt when he lost Juliet but this time it my best friend. Still holding him I laid my head on he’s chest, everyone surrounded Jesse and I without a word being said. Jasmine trying to comfort me getting a tissue and trying to whip the tears of my face, but I still resisted there’s still hope, I me I could feel the pain he was going hrough. However, I still did not give up.
I remember my mom telling me never give on something you have, and Jesse is like a brother, we own each other. While my head rested on his chest I cold feel movement I was not sure at first, but then I could feel his stomach rise, I rapidly stood back, he sat up as if he didn’t where he was, saying what happen. We all sighed in relief, scared. He then stood up shacking he’s head, as if he was confused, brushing of the sand in his hair. He smiled we all ran to give him a hug we all worried. I have never ever lost faith in Jesse not on him.
I then realised, how it feels to loose someone who’s close to you, If Jesse had died I would not be live with myself It would just be unexplainable. Was it his colour? I asked myself. If it was there is no point of living in a society where they judge you by your colour, but Jesse and I will try and find the culprit. Jesse and I sat on the cliff. I felt very emotional then; I could hardly speak as if I had been struck by lightening. I sat there facing the sea, trying to explain how I felt. “Do you know how I felt, what I was going threw my head when I saw you laying there in agony. Do now” trying let out his pain, showing motion showing how depressed he would be by loosing a very special friend, that he does care about him say it by his words.
“No” Jesse responded, in a very soft tone, whilst facing the sea. I looked at him for a moment, puzzled confused did not know who to turn to for help. Jesse is the person I would usually turn to. However, not at this moment, I felt vulnerable for had happened. Jesse still staring stars, thinking, trying to find answers an explanation. I it was that easy, but life is not what we think, it is not easy nor hard it is just right. (People may disagree because of the battles that have occurred his century, there the First World War the Second World War.
Still in our society or world, we still have a lot to learn about ourselves) in his eyes I could she the fear that had come across him, I could see the sorrow in his eyes. Courage within him I could feel the vibes flowing between as like a storm. I knew he was afraid, but did not know what he feared it was not what had occurred today. I put my thoughts beside me, and tried to move on. I moved away from Jesse because I felt that I needed some time alone. I looked at my watch, it wasn’t even that late. I was a bit sceptical about it, as I sat there on edge of the cliff, eliving memories, of the past weeks. Memories that I thought would be gone, but I am strong-minded, not even to forget some of my memorise from primary school. When I was with my best friend, he’s name was Michelle he was from Marseilles not that tall about five foot six fairly short black-haired he was quit sensitive, funny person but I have not seen him for quite a long time.
I remember It was the last year we would be able to see each other, that was when I was at school in England when Jesse was in Eindhoven studying at this private school. We were talking about meeting up with each other one day and tell bout how life was or start our own business have fun. However, since he left I had never been able to contact him. Life is a bit strange, just like we live in a strange world; we still have various things to learn about the civilisation we live in. I remember when I attempted to call him two months ago of November of 2002 because I wanted to go and visit him in Marseilles for his birthday his 18^th birthday, to see how things were. For me that was the day of depression, I was confused, apparently he moved to Lisbon in Portugal to continue his studies there. I was shocked at the time, how could he have not told me.
Because Michelle and I had promised each other to always keep in touch on what goes on in our lives, to be there for each other no matter what happens to us. However, it seemed that friendship that we once had faded into thin air. From the letter, he had sent to me in England. Dear Ethan I have to go. Life is getting difficult here in Marseilles I will have to move away from France, I do not know when. I do not know if I will be able to see you again. It will be very difficult to forget you, our friendship has pned many years, and I will always remember you. However, my life is destined somewhere else, at the moment I am lost,
I do not know what to do, depressed too many things going on in my life, too many bad things. Stay well, I hope that one day we will meet again, it will be long, as I must heal. I will go to my friend Jean Pier I am yet to find out where he stays. Goodbye my friend. Best Friends forever Jean Pier After reading, the distressing letter I felt as if I was cut open and a piece of me was taken away from me. I felt as if a person had came between us, like when the moon stands between the two stars at night. I remembered those times when I was uncertain about our friendship, was he really a true friend?
Did he trust me as much as I trusted him? Were all things we did together false? Our childhood, the good times and bad time. The times when we were, there are for each other. Hadn’t that meant anything to him? I was dumbfounded. I just could not answer the question. I had a moment to think, think about those times we had together, but we have to move on. I sat there still having a moment to my self, this was my time, as I exposed my face to the blistering winds, I felt free all the things you would feel when you are contented. I heard footstep behind soft steps as if the person did not want me to now who was behind me creeping as if I was to be stabbed on my back, by a mass murderer. With a voice a sweet soft tone saying my name I figured it must be jasmine, I sat there still looking at sea, didn’t hesitate to look to see who was behind me. I sat there as if I knew she was there all along.
However when I finally turned my back she was not there, was this my imagination, I could swear I heard her voice. I sat there puzzled, I thought I must be really obsessed with her, paranoid even to hear her voice. “What’s wrong with me” as everyone else stared in disbelief, they probably thought I a psychopathic aniac, or just weird. I had a friendship ring that he gave me to remember by him just before I got up and walked back to the fireworks display, I took a chance and threw away the ring into the depths of the sea. Putting myself out of misery, forgetting the memories that we had together, knowing that one day we will meet again. I walked to the fire that was set-up, on the centre of the beach, still having thoughts, thought that could change my life. “Am I going to spend the rest of my life with Jasmine? ” That’s what really bothered me, I guess I was not in the position talk about it yet. What’s wrong my friend,” Michael was trying to calm Ethan’s pain as he tried to hide the look on his face that made him look morose, and lonely. “I just don’t know” Ethan ignoring Michael, seeking for his own answers.
“You don’t normally act this way what’s wrong with you? ” “You just don’t understand” while he plays with the sand, with his head between his legs sulking. “Understand what! that you’re madly in love with Jasmine, you think I don’t see what goes on. ” Michael pointing, pressuring Ethan to confess. “Anyway you have nothing to do with it, why don’t you just go! ” Michael walking away from the argument, trying to keep his cool.
I sat there still depressed, but vigilant to what was going on around me, my life is much too complicated. While I sat there on the beach, Simon came along, it was a bit strange because it is very rare for Simon and I to speak. “So what’s on your mind my friend? ” looking at Ethan as if he was forgiven for what he did before. “I cant believe you even have the guts to say that,” uh my friend, you’re just wasting your breath. “Why are so mean, what have I ever done to you, I am trying to be your friend, ok maybe I gave the wrong impression to you when I touched your girlfriend. However, I am very sorry, I may not be one of your est friends but that does not stop us from getting along.
So what going on, from the argument you had with Michael it doesn’t that everything is well? ” Simon, making his point, trying to make life easier for them, instead of hating each other. ” Nothing’s wrong with me, its just you caught at the wrong time to speak to me, for I have been having thoughts,” as he drew a small tear, a tear of emotion and affection. “What kinds of thoughts,” Simon asking anxiously. “Love. ” “Do you mean Jasmine? ” “Who else. ” “Oh. ” “So what happened to Michael, he seemed upset did you two have an argument? as he glanced at him anxiously “No, he just caught me at the wrong time, I hope he is still alright despite our fall out, I meant no harm. ” Simon and I seemed to settle our differences quite quickly.
After the conversation, I went to apologise to Michael, it stupid of me to put the blame on him. “Michael! ” I shouted. I saw him sat by the edge of the cliff. “Michael, I would like to apologise, I never meant to start an argument with you. ” “I am sorry as well; I should not have aggravated you while you were thinking,” as Michael turned around with a smile of satisfaction. We were friends again, but stronger.
The church bell rang, it was midnight we decided to call it a day. Just before we left Monica said that Jesse and Vanessa were gone, but I wondered were they would go at this time of night. I went to ask Lisa but she said the last time they saw Jesse and Vanessa was when they walking together to fireworks display. I wondered why would they be there. We all walked towards where the fire works were launched, Jesse and Vanessa were not there, and there was a staircase, which had led down to a cave, I then saw movement in the cave, quick, very bright.
What was that I pointed, everybody seemed to deny seeing anything, I nodded y head in disbelief, and I was dazed So dazed that I stood there for ten minutes in the same position. I did not even realise Jesse and Vanessa had already turned up. Everyone else moved further away from the cave, scarred out of their lives. What is in there? I asked myself. I sat there on the staircase that led to the mysterious cave, as I was there I heard footsteps coming from all directions. However, it only jasmine.
“What’s wrong Ethan, you look disturbed? ” Jasmine comforting Ethan as he tried to explain to what he saw in the cave. “I swear I saw something down there. ” Ethan investigating to what had appened. “Don’t worry they are probably just bats” “Believe me I did not see bats and I do not see things either. ” “Anyway what is up with you, you have been quiet since we arrived here. ” “No your are joking,” as if she had been already chatting for a long time. “Seriously, you have been quiet and I have been getting worried about you, because I would hate someone to put you in a bad position. ” “No it just I have been having thoughts” “What kind of thoughts? ” Ethan asked anxiously, as Michael came to interrupt the conversation. “Jasmine, Ethan we have to make move on, it is getting too dark we have to get back. ”
I told Jasmine that we would speak again, on the way to Jesse’s house as we were going to have a sleep over. I had to speak to Jasmine, because of what she said. The thoughts she had; I was worried. Would this mean the end of the one love of my life? I did not know. So we left the beach, as they called it, as the rest were anxious to get back. Everybody leapt ahead as Jasmine and I walked together, I was anxious to ask her what she was thinking about. “Jasmine remember you said you had thoughts. ” “Yes, yes I remember. ” Jasmine replied remembering what we were speaking about. “I had thoughts doubts, about our relationship.
Since you came, my life has changed, immensely, totally. It has been like a dream, paradise; oh I wish we could make that dream last forever. ” She rested on my shoulder in the full moon, walking towards a bridge that led to Jesse’s house After that I felt inarticulate . She was thinking the opposite to what I was thinking about. “Jasmine, I have to admit I have had some doubts as well” turning his head as they walked to the centre of the bridge, he walked to the rail of the bridge, trying to let out his feelings. “So what is on your mind Ethan? ”
“Oh Jasmine, I just don’t know how to explain it. Still leaning on the rail of the bridge, trying to tell, express his feelings to her. “Jasmine, what I wanted to say is that, I have also been thinking about our relationship. What I want to say is that I like you, more than like. However, I feel that there is a certain part of me that’s telling me it might not work, we have taken a big step my life is my too sophisticated at the moment, it is a roller coaster. ” Ethan was hardly being able to speak lucidly.
“No Ethan, it will work, the last thing I would do is run away from our relationship, I love you too much for us to split apart, you make e feel important, you make me see a side of myself that I have never seen before. ” Jasmine letting out her feelings the way she felt about Ethan. Leaning on the bridges rail I stood there as I lifted my head facing the full moon, I realised it is not easy to let out emotions, what I learnt was it is better to show than hide you true feelings. As I converged looking at the full moon, I could abruptly see my future flash in front of my eyes. I ask myself, how will it be to be old. Will we still be able to do the same things that we did when we were young? Will we be still kissing, snogging, all the things we did when young?
Will we have the amusement that we had together the appetite for each other? I do not know that yet, but one day that day will come when I will know how it feels to be old, and in love. I took jasmines hand, holding her hand I felt that we had built a bond between us but stronger like a force, that was unbreakable the force that you have between your best friend, between your parents. Nevertheless, for me it seemed that the one forces that I once had with my dad seemed to be lost. Once there lost things will never be the same again. I turned around still leaning on the rail of the bridge, finding jasmines in front me.
She saw that I had shed a tear, she took her hand, and wiped the tear off my cheeks sensitively with her right hand running my down that smooth sensitive face of mine. We stood there looking at each other all I wanted her, to do is rest on my shoulder, and be free with me, because this could be the last time we see each other. It seemed not to happen. I took Jasmines, hand and continued our journey back, as we reached the end of the bridge, there as we left the bridge was a park with scenic beauty though it dark.
While Jasmine and I were walking together, I saw Jesse and Vanessa, Michael and Monica had probably eached Jesse’s house by now. Nevertheless, Lisa always seemed to disappear, always the quiet one, since I saw her I was never able to understand her. , anyway she probably went home. Jesse and Vanessa were sat on the bench, in the park facing each other holding hands suffixed, as if it was a replay of jasmine and I when we were on the bridge together, madly in love with each other except with a different scenario. I did not realise how much they fancied each other, when Jesse and I spoke I did not know that he was staid about their relationship, perhaps its time for me to take him more seriously.
I guess I should let Jesse have some space to himself because I have always be protective over him, as I said before he is like the brother I never had. Jasmine and I attempted to walk past them ignoring, them as if nothing happened. They immediately acted as if everything was normal, Jesse looking at me as if I was a fool, swinging his head, to the right, wanting to speak to me in private while Vanessa and jasmine also walked ahead have their own jest. “So Jesse what was all that about. ” “What are you talking about,” while strolling in the silent night of the park. Don’t speak to me like that you know what I am talking about

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