ok this is due in 16hrs…if u cant say no

Topic:- slavery did not help the civilization of africans

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ok this is due in 16hrs…if u cant say no
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rules and guidline below


Students must write a position paper focusing on a controversial and/or important topic related to  American history to the Civil War.   The paper should be between 3-5 pages (double-spaced; 12-font) and should include the following:

1)      A clear statement of your position on the chosen topic.

Example:   “I believe that stem research is wrong….”


2)      At least four strong logical arguments/facts supporting your position.

 Example:  “…I based my position on four factors.  The first is that ….   The second is that….

 3)      Identification and notation of at least three sources in the narrative of your paper.

Example:  “In her important work, the Isis Papers, Frances Cress Welsing contended that…


4)      Clear references (either endnotes or contextual citations) for all information or data that is not considered public knowledge.




5)      A clear and concise introduction and conclusion.


Example [Introduction]:    “In the past few decades, we have witnessed a growing interest in the efforts of Nat Turner and other revolutionaries to use force to end slavery in the U.S.  The tactics of these revolutionaries have fostered a debate on the use of force as an instrument for social change.  I contend that force was needed to end slavery in the U.S. and that violence played an important role in ending slavery prior to the Civil War…”  


6)      Logical and reasonable arguments and discussion.


Notes:  Organize your arguments from strongest to weakest; cite examples that support your points and demonstrate depth in your reasoning.


7)      Utilization of at least six sources.  (3 must be books and/or articles; the others can be

       electronic sources.


Notes:   The position paper is a much a research project as it is a personal view.  You must utilize the research of others to support and augment your position.  There are no exceptions to the rule.

       8)  Listings of complete citations of all book, articles and other sources consulted.

Notes:  List your sources at the end of your paper in either an established format (Turabian, APA…) or in a format that you develop.  Be sure to include all vital reference information so that your reader can easily locate the source.


     The Position Paper will be evaluated based on the following:  (1) grammar;  (2) organization;   (3) content of the presentation and the extent to which you followed instructions and guidelines outlined above.  Each of these areas will be worth 33.3%.



The Position Paper cannot exceed 5 (five) pages!!!  No exceptions to this rule!


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