Observation Paper

Observation Paper Instructions
For this assignment, you will observe a child under the age of 10 in a natural setting for 30 minutes to 1 hour, writing down your observations. Note: you may observe your own child. As you make your observations, be on the look out for physical, cognitive and psychosocial development. 
After making your observations, prepare and submit a paper describing your observations and connecting those obserations with course content and scholarly research. An additional section on the connection between Ecclesiastes 3:1 and child development will also be included in the paper. 
The paper will include a title page, a 4 – 5 -page body, and a reference page, all in APA format
Each section in the summary of your observation must include vocabulary, concepts and theories discussed throughout the course. Be sure to include specific examples in each section. For example, related to cognitive development you might use the following example: A child bumps into a piece of furniture and calls it the “mean couch”. This would be related to the concept of animism with a child in Piaget’s preoperational stage of cognitive development. 
It is important to support your observations with scholarly research. Using the LUO Library, you will need to find 4 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles to support your findings and observations. Be sure to include in-text citations in your summary. 
In addition to the 3 required examples, you need a paragraph describing how a Christian worldview relates to your specific observations. This MUST include a reflection of Ecclesiastes 3:1 and how this Scripture relates to child development.
For this assignment you may use first person. Be sure to use headings throughout the paper. 
The paper must include the following components:
· Title page in proper current APA format
· Introduction
· Summary of your observation 
o Physical development 
o Cognitive development
o Psychosocial development
· Relationship between Ecclesiastes 3:1 and child development
· A strong conclusion which includes a summary of the main points of your paper.
· Reference page in proper current APA formatting
Be sure to review the grading rubric for this assignment.
This assignment must include a current APA-formatted title page and reference page.

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