Nutrition Research

For your nutrition research project pick a macronutrient, a micronutrient, a phyto- or zoo- chemical or a nutrition-related illness and write a research paper on it. Your research paper can be 8 to 10 pages long. Please submit it through the assignments tab as a word or pdf document.

For your nutrition research project:
1) Prepare a detailed typed report on your research paper.
2) Using scientific data, journal papers, books, and valid internet resources discuss in your report the following about your topic:
     a) If you have picked a nutrient or a functional food for your project, discuss the structure and characteristics of the nutrient or composition of the functional food material.
     b) If you have picked a nutrition-related disease discuss about the conditions and causes of the disease and the significance of nutrition related to the illness and how nutrition would help in prevention or possible treatment of the disease.
     c) State the relevant food sources of the nutrient(s) and related disease(s).
     d) What are the effects of deficiencies or overdoses of the nutrient(s) and related illness(es).
     e) Discuss any DRI standards for the nutrient(s).

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Nutrition Research
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