Nutrition Analysis Assigment

Go to this link (cut and paste it if you cannot go directly to it by clicking on it) or download the free MyFitnessPal app:

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Nutrition Analysis Assigment
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You will need to create a profile.  Make sure to remember all of your log in information as you will use this site for at least 3 different days and most likely more as you will really like it.

Feel free to explore around in this website as it is a good one. For your assignment you need to write down everything that you have eaten (including serving size) for three separate days. Once you have your list for one of the days you are going to click into FOOD.  Everything you will do for this assignment will be in FOOD but again, check out all the rest that this myfitnesspal has to offer as I use this with all of the athletes and personal training clients I workout.

Follow the directions and enter all of the food that you have eaten for ONE day. You will need to find your food, choose the AMOUNT you ate and when you ate it, then continue to add all the rest of the food you ate for the ONE day.  Once you have put all the food you ate for ONE day go to the bottom of the page and click on the link to view your nutrients for the day.

After all of this is entered you will see anywhere from six to sixteen categories starting with calories or protein.  From this option, in addition to sending me this report, write one paragraph for EACH day discussing at least 5 of the categories and what you could have eaten that day to make each of the 5 categories better. 

You will repeat this two more times for two different days, for a total of three separate days that need not be consecutive but must all be turned in together. You can then cut and paste this document into the submission box or attach it as a file.  So you understand?  Three separate days, discussing at least five categories per day, and turning in the report for each day.  Follow the directions exactly as written to get an A.


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