Nursing research DQ 13 Student reply Maydeli Capo

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Nursing research DQ 13 Student reply Maydeli Capo
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Discussion Post

When conducting research validity is an important aspect that needs to be guaranteed in order to justify results. This concept stresses the importance and relevance of the measurements used during the research. Reliability and validity are two concepts that are intertwined and both combine to bring consistency to the research (Polit & Beck, 2016). Validity focuses on how the method used measures what needs to be measured therefore, it is a fundamental part of the research (Middleton, 2019).

Validity can be guaranteed by assessing the different methods used. It may present difficulties but it can be estimated through a series of tests. Test-retest is a way to verify if the results obtained in an interview in a group of people remains the same a few months later (Long, 2017).

Validity can also be guaranteed by assessing construct, content and criterion (Middleton, 2019). These three types of validity assessment strive to proof that the measures used for these concepts as well as others that may be related to them yield the same results thus, making it valid and feasible. Conducting an evaluation of the measures employed can ultimately confirm the validity of the methods used.


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