nursing healthcare

Answer one of the following questions:
· From the chapter “The Changing United States Health Care System” in your course textbook, using either the story of Wald’s efforts to improve the health status of impoverished immigrant communities or the story of how advanced practice registered nurses have struggled with their legitimacy within the health care delivery system, compare your own experience in nursing.
o Have there been challenges you have faced? If so, what strategies did you employ to overcome these challenges?
o How do you envision your career moving forward in advocating for your patients? Your community? Yourself?
· From your daily briefs, Kaiser Health News Morning Briefing or POLITICO Pulse.
o List the interest groups that are mentioned in the brief and what their interest is in the piece.
o Categorize the issues in the brief according to the following—politics and politicians, access to health care, health care insurance, health care legislation, money, drugs, or other.

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nursing healthcare
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