NR631 week 6 SR

Professor and class
A work breakdown structure (WBS) is used as a way for project managers to map out specific elements of a project. The WBS helps to identity key deliverables and their allocated resources, schedules, and budget requirements to help reach the project goal (Cerezo-Naraez, Pastor-Fernandez, Otero-Mateo, & Ballesteros-Perez, 2020). The resources are provided to give insight into what needs to be completed or achieved in order to reach the desired deliverable. The WBS also acknowledges how each task and sub-tasks relate to one another in order to meet the overall objective (Siriram, 2019).
1.0 End-of-Course Summary
        1.1 Project Team Members
                1.1.1 Assess strengths and level of understanding of each member                                          regarding course comprehension
                 1.1.2 Review specific expectations and milestone requirements
                     Assign roles and responsibilities to project team members                                                 that are specific project-related tasks
       1.2 Course Material
               1.2.1 Course Description
               1.2.2 Course objectives and outcomes overview
               1.2.3 Read and review course threaded discussions, assignments, and                                    exams
               1.2.4 Required textbooks and course resources
       1.3 Course Schedule
               1.3.1 Reading requirements
               1.3.2 Posted deadlines
       1.4 Course Content
                 1.4.1 Threaded Discussions
                    Deadlines and rubric requirements
                 1.4.2 Exams
                    Course Content
                    Allotted time frame
                 1.4.3 Assignments
                   Academic requirements
                   Grading rubric
                   Explanation of Turnitin
                   Academic integrity
          1.5 Project team member meetings
                  1.5.1 Email/Conference calls
                    Status/tracking report
                    Questions and concerns
          1.6 End-of-Course Summary Completion
                  1.6.1 Analysis of course
                  1.6.2 Evaluation of course work
                  1.6.3 Course objectives and outcomes accomplished

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NR631 week 6 SR
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