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Imagine most people in  your community are not aware of long-term care programs or services  available to them. You have decided to create an informational  newsletter that will be sent to every household in the community. In the  newsletter, you will provide information on these programs and  services, using your own observations to provide specific examples.

Write a 1,750- to  2,100-word newsletter to your community. Using your observations as  support, provide details of the programs and services available in your  community. Answer the following in your newsletter:

  • Analyze types of programs and services for long-term care populations.

  • Consider what’s available outside of your community as well as what is available within your community.
  • Explain information sources for programs and services. Consider:

  • How do the programs or services provide  information to potential clients? What are their main methods of  providing important information to the community?
  • Analyze community programs and services for long-term care populations.
  • Analyze social programs and services for long-term care populations.
  • Analyze educational programs and services for long-term care populations.
  • Explain the benefits of social and educational programs and services.
  • Determine sources of funding for community, social, and educational programs and services.
  • Evaluate the impact of reimbursement on long-term care.

  • Consider the effect of reimbursement on the specific programs and services in your community.
  • Explain licensure requirements for programs and services.
  • Analyze current trends and issues in long-term care.

  • Consider how the programs and services fit within, or miss the mark, with these trends and issues.
  • Analyze how your community programs and  services promote health and wellness concepts to address the needs of  various LTC populations.

Note: Newsletters should be creative, informative, and interesting. You may include graphics or pictures in your newsletter.


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