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Part 1. Access TEDEd . Take some time to peruse through the menu of lessons and provide us with your impressions. The following serves to prompt your response as opposed to a required “list”:

How do the lessons in TEDEd promote student engagement?
What are some ways students are encouraged to think about what they are learning?
How do these modes of learning allow both students and teachers to assess learning?
Think of two ways you can incorporate a TEDEd lesson into a typical 50-70 minute class period. How could you deliver it? How could students access it?. Take a look at the NETS-S standards when addressing this.
Share one particular lesson you explored as well as what you gained from it.

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Part 2: Linking Rubrics with Student Self-Assessment and Goal Setting
Chapters 9 and 10 of the Brookhart text discuss strategies for guiding students for the demands of assessment as well as setting goals. Pairing this information with what you learned from viewing the “Be Sure To”  video clip, explain how these strategies not only support the integration of multiple levels of thinking for students, but the teacher’s ability to assess FOR learning.
Teaching Channel. (2013). “Be sure to”: A powerful reflection strategy. Retrieved from
TEDEd Lessons Worth Sharing. (n.d.). Create lessons worth sharing around YouTube videos. Retrieved from


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