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The Sources of Leader Power
When it comes to the issue of men and women and their leadership styles, I believe masculinity is the main thing that brings up the difference when it comes to the leadership style of the men and the women (Abegunrin et al., 2020). Due to the high level of masculinity in men, they tend to use more of the dictatorship leadership style whereby you find that a man will be the sole play when it comes to making critical decisions in an organization. The dictatorship style is where the leader tends to believe that he is always right and thus he does not want anybody to question his leadership style or his decisions and when he makes decisions he does not involve anyone else. He will solely make the decisions and later own approve and command his followers to follow them without questioning them. A good example of a dictatorship style of leadership can be evident in third world countries such as Uganda whereby their president has been in power for thirty-four years without wanting anybody to question his leadership style and also using malicious methods to regain the presidential sit over other contestants. This is all about masculinity and the need to control other people.
On the other hand, due to lower masculinity in women, they tend to use the strategic leadership style whereby they involve all the other executives and also the minor employees when it comes to decision making (Abegunrin et al., 2020). The reason for this is because most of the women might fear that their decisions might end up not being effective and thus it might lead to failure in the organization and this is the main reason why they will end up involving other people. To some extent, I believe this leadership style will be much more effective when it comes to enabling an organization to grow and also attract more stakeholders and funds to the organization as compared to the dictatorship type of leadership mainly because with the strategic approach, the leader is able to gather different opinions and ideas from other leaders and thus this will help to make it easier when it comes to making decisions and also finding the suitable solutions to the problems and organization might be faced with.
Men want to be seen and taken as being powerful and this is the reason as to why most of them will prefer using the dictatorship kind of leadership style while on the other hand because women are considered to have a lower level of masculinity they will tend to use the strategic leadership style mainly because they want to involve everyone in the decision-making process of the organization (Bakiner, 2020). They really do not want a lot of power but want to make better decisions that will enable their organization to move forward and grow in the long term. I will most definitely choose the strategic approach over the dictatorship mainly because I believe the strategic approach is more advantageous as compared to the dictatorship approach. Dictatorship approach is prone to a lot of errors when it comes to decision making mainly because the decisions are made solely by one person while the strategic approach, decisions are made by more than one person and thus makes it to be less prone to errors. The third world countries have already proven the fact that dictatorship is not the right approach to leadership and the reason for this is because most of the countries in African are led to dictators but up to this particular point in time most of them are still undeveloped.

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