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History questions. 2 paragraph answer for each question. Answer should be detailed.

1) What was a major unintended consequence of acquiring the Philippines as a territory after the Spanish-American War

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2) The use of atomic weapons against Japan during World War II is still debated today, yet the incendiary raids (directly designed to start fires in wood-constructed Japanese cities) conducted against major Japanese cities killed far more people and did more damage than either the bombing of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Why do you think we are still debating “the bomb” while largely ignoring the incendiary raids?
3) Why did President Truman decide to intervene in Korea? What was at stake? 

4) What were some of the unintended consequences of President Reagan’s Doctrine of openly supporting anti-communist “freedom fighters” in Latin America and Afghanistan? 

5) We fought Saddam Hussein of Iraq twice. First, during DESERT STORM in 1991, then again during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in 2003.  Should we have toppled his regime the first time? Why or why not? Consider the importance of coalition warfare in your answer. 


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