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Papers that have excessive problems with grammar, punctuation, spelling or typos will not be accepted. Your paper must be computer generated. Should an emergency or crises arise, you must notify me as soon as possible and an exception may or may not be made.

Early in the semester, you will need to locate a current event article that includes a communication case study. You will be asked to turn in a two-three-page critique of the article and also discuss it in a small group. In your paper, you will cite the appropriate communication issues, successes, problems, etc., and offer alternative solutions using the knowledge you’ve gained during the first half of this course. All of the aforementioned writing rules will apply to this assignment. Good sources are the Harvard Business Review, Business Week, Times, Fortune magazine, etc. 

Basically, I’d like you to find an article about a business case and the case should involve a communication related problem. Your task would be to summarize the case in the first section of the paper. What are the details of the situation, who was involved, and how did it go wrong?  In the second part of the paper, offer recommendations for how to improve the communication portion of the issue based upon what we are learning from the text. What could be done or should have been done to repair this mistake or improve what others think as a result of this mistake? Cite the text throughout the second part of the paper.


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