Need in 3 hours or less- Discussion Question #2


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Need in 3 hours or less- Discussion Question #2
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Must receive 3 hours or less from agreed handshake with tutor 

Week 1 Discussion Question 2

  • Your message must contribute to the discussion with accurate, relevant information. Posts should be articulate, thoughtful, and thorough. (Note: It’s OK to add non-informative comments, like thanking someone for their assistance or noting your agreement with a classmate; social comments like that create a sense of collegiality, but only comments that contribute by adding information will be graded.) Also, as with any academic writing, if you quote or paraphrase a source (like your textbook or a web site), provide a citation.  
  • You must include a subject that conveys the essence of your main point (not just the key word or phrase or topic) in no more than 10 words. An effective subject provides the reader with advance information, which is helpful in understanding the content of the comment. I suggest writing your subject after writing your comment.

Topic Below: Must be at least 300 words in APA format (word count does not include works cited) 

The character of Odysseus is often described as tricky, sly, or wily. Is this a compliment? Is it an insult? Defend your answer using quotes from the literature. Are there any times when deception is punished? 


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