Need By Sunday EBM Excellence Component: Crowd-funding

EBM Excellence Component: Crowd-funding
Due Sun Mar 3 @ 11:59 pm EST •Assignment Activity???? EBM Excellence Component: Crowd-funding
For those participating in the Excellence Program, please find attached the requirements for this course’s Excellence Component, (a business-based Crowd-funding assignment) and a description of what it takes to successfully complete this assignment. Downloads:  instructions and crowd-funding slide presentation. 
Please let the instructor know as soon as possible whether you wish to do the Excellence so I can watch for the assignment (submitted via email) DUE: before the last day of the course.
To receive credit for having completed the Component, you must complete this assignment to your instructor’s satisfaction. It is highly recommended that you meet with him/her to discuss what that entails. If you have questions, please contact me. It is not graded per se, but I will give you feedback on it.
Objective: To apply concepts about crowd-funding and create an crowd-funding proposal.
Note:  This is to be a business-based proposal for finishing funds for a business project. It is NOT a go-fund-me type proposal simply to get support for a individual in need or a cause.  Please check with the instructor in advance about the type of project you will be proposing. It is a business project, not for a personal need.
To Submit Assignment:  Upload assignment email by due date    before  the last day of the course.

EBM Excellence Component Instructions172 KB
Crowdfunding Slide Explanation .pptx456 KB

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Need By Sunday EBM Excellence Component: Crowd-funding
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