Need an initial discussion for below assignment

APA format 2 pages 3 references one from Walden University Library Due 9/25/19 8pm EST

Discussion: Promoting Learner-Centered Lessons in Hybrid Environments
The hybrid environment, also known as blended or mixed-mode, allows educators to mix-and-match teaching strategies, learning objects, and instructional tools for maximum impact. When carefully designed, the hybrid environment also provides the opportunity for educators to capitalize on the benefits of both face-to-face and online instruction to meet the needs of all stakeholders involved.

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Need an initial discussion for below assignment
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In this Discussion, you examine how nurse educators combine an on-site activity with an online activity to create a comprehensive, learner-centered lesson. You will continue using the learning need, objectives, and audience of learners from your Discussions in Weeks 2–4.

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Reflect on the hybrid learning environment. As a nurse educator, how might you best combine the benefits of both the on-site and online learning environment to achieve and reinforce learning objectives?
Review this week’s Learning Resources on hybrid environments, as well as the technologies educators use to create learner-centered lessons.



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