Nacl on Peroxidase Activity

NaCl Effects on Peroxidase Activity My experiment was to see if adding NaCl to solution would have any effects on peroxidase activity. The materials that were used in this experiment were pH 7 buffer(DI water), peroxidase, NaCl, guaiacol and hydrogen peroxide; added in that order. Blanks were created for each NaCl concentration, 0%, 5%, 7. 5% and 10%. Each cuvette had . 5ml of pH 7 buffer, 1ml of peroxidase, . 02ml guaiacol for the experimental cuvettes and 0ml of guaiacol for the blank cuvettes, . 2ml of hydrogen peroxide and . ml of different concentrated NaCl in each cuvette. When it came to recording data for my experiment, I placed the cuvette in the spectrometer, which was set to 500nm, after adding the guaiacol and hydrogen peroxide right before. I recorded the absorbance every 15 seconds for 3 minutes. I ran the experiment twice for precision and got the average of the two tests. I then entered the data into JMP and made two graphs; one to see the relationship between the concentration of NaCl and activity and the other to see how salt affect enzyme activity.

The first graph only required the time and the mean absorbance. To make the second graph, I had to find Time X, the time where reaction starts to slow down, which in my case was 90 seconds. The axes for the graph were Time X as the y-axis and NaCl concentrations as the x-axis. The graphs showed me that there is a relationship between NaCl concentrations and peroxidase activity. More the concentration of NaCl, the faster the reaction occurs.

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Nacl on Peroxidase Activity
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