My Foundations Learning

This essay will explain what My Foundations Lab Is as well as explain what a Path Module is. Also this essay will tell you about my learning’s, my weaknesses and my strengths as well as the module I completed. You’ll find where to get help and different path module names and styles. My Foundations Learning Path My Labs Plus Is an essential part off student’s success at AAU University. By participating In different labs through ones studies they will learn many new things. One particular lab is The My Foundations Learning Path Builder Program otherwise known as the MFC Path Builder.
There are three different path builders that you must complete to develop a path module for each. These path builders are Reading, Writing and Math. After completion of each one you will get an individual path module that Indicates what you need to work on In each subject. While doing my MFC Path Builder I began to feel Like I was In school again. The first path I completed was that Reading path. Reading is not one of my strongest mints and I know I can always use any extra help when it comes to my reading comprehension.
Knowing this I decided that I would use this path as my path module. There are four different modules for completion. I have mastered the first two modules during testing the last two are the areas I need to work on. These areas are Reading Intermediate and Reading Advanced. The Reading Intermediate module has several different links In It that help to Improve your reading comprehension, your understanding of topics, main ideas and it also teaches you how to work on active reading strategies.

When I started my MFC Path Builder lab I did not understand what the lab was about. I thought I had to complete each path, than complete every module and its contents. I worked on my paths In the evening when my house was quiet, so I could apply myself 100%. After Tuesdays Discussion Board I realized I had done more than I needed ton my Path Builder. Because of this I was able to relax a bit and take a step back and evaluate my progress. I found that my weakest path is MATH! I did horrible on this path. I mastered only 2 of 20 different modules from testing.
These modules are Decimals and Ratio, Portion, Percent. Knowing this I will have stay focused and set up a plan so that I can develop the math skills needed for my studies. Such skills that I will need to focus on are; Linear Equations, Inequalities, Exponents, Polynomials, Geometry, Algebra and more. Using each of the different modules developed from my lab tests I will be able to go back and complete each module. Each of the modules left to complete will be pent applying and truly trying to learn all the materials.
I will have to create a plan to complete these based on my academic needs during each course I take. One great thing Vive learned is that help Is Just a click away when working on the different modules. There Is a Help link that has different options for help. I think one of my soon to De Advocates Is going to De ten Pearson I tutor service – Matt. Also IT I need more help than what the lab may offer I know that I can contact my academic advisor and he will help me to find all the help I need.

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My Foundations Learning
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