My Field of Study

HIT My Field Of Study Shealyn Richardson COLL-148 August 11, 2012 Professor Jo Anne Boliver I. Introduction A. My paper is about Health Information Technology, and the affects it has on our health care system. B. David Blumenthal MD MPP was picked by the Obama administration in 2009-2011 to help lead and coordinate the implantation of Health Information Technology. C. Health Information Technology is a vital asset in our health care system. HIT sole purpose is to; improve health care quality, prevents medical errors, reduce health care cost, decrease paperwork, and expand access to affordable health care.
D. My main idea I wanted to outline was, that Health Information Technology has become one of the main sources in keeping down health care cost. II. My field of study is Health Information Technology A. I chose this field of study because; our health care system is too expensive. I am so lucky to get free health care because my husband is in the military, and this field is my way of helping people save money, Americans shouldn’t go broke because you get sick. B. Graduation completion for me will be July 2014 III. The leader I chose was Dr.
David Blumenthal A. I chose David Blumenthal; because he led the nationwide effort to build a cost saving system for the American people. B. Dr. Blumenthal witnessed firsthand the importance of Health Information Technology. In the 1970’s he worked with Senator Edward Kennedy, and the fact that he work with the late Teddy Kennedy lets me know he cares about the cost of health care. IV. Characteristics of an effective leader in my opinion would have to be; a good listener, problem solver, never scared to ask question, and is always motivated.

A. The way I would define an effective leader is by; how his or her do collogues feel about them, is they compassionate, do they communicate well, and is they a good listener. B. Dr. Blumenthal demonstrates plenty of positive leadership skills; as he stated in Health Leaders Magazine. “First you create the motivation to be interested in improving decision”. What I took from that quote was that; Dr. Blumenthal is a problem solver, a good listener, and like to motivate his collogues.

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My Field of Study
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