My favorite quotation of St. Augustine

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. ” ? Augustine of Hippo. This was my favourite quotation of St. Augustine, through my high school years we are taught about his life, journeys and teachings. I have live a Augustinian life, being a follower of Christ he is the one behind all of my success and failures. I may not be one of the best students from my batch but at least once I have proven that I give my best.
Yes, I have proven myself and before that happens I almost failed, lost hope and even give up but courage to prove myself become my persuasion for not giving up to achieve all the success in education and in life. A teacher told me about inventing or improving a scientific investigatory project, which me and my group mates once studied and improve. While doing this we struggle searching for parts and materials we need to complete our product. It’s almost two weeks before the deadline but there is still a part of our project missing.
We almost lost our hope submitting our project but yet my classmate broke her calculator and we’ve found the exact material that we need to complete this project. After inserting the material needed, finally it worked. Then, we have a week to finish the paper and ask some people to react about our said project. Some questioned it and some thought that it was amazing and good because we can lessen the use of electricity and benefit the solar heat from the sun.

On the day of the submission we have to face our teacher and defend our product made, who would thought that we’ve got the highest grade among the class and have the chance to compete in the congress? We never did, it was one of the successful moments for me in my secondary level. In the science congress, we tried our best to win, impress the judges and encourage the audience to see our product and vote for it. Our competitors also has cool, different and creative inventions or innovations.
Though we never succeeded on to win the science congress, I still felt happiness and contented just by submitting our project and getting those grades. This is one achievement, I think I had not because I’ve got a high grade, but because I have work on it hard and make everything in it creative and different. I want to achieve more, and I think by entering the University this institution will help me gain more achievement and train me more to become creative.
I could tell also that it is not just pure creativity that we need in order to finish one project, it could also be team work. Life could be a tough road to travel through but if we don’t face the tough road we can never extend our talent and creativity. Our day to day experience is a daily lesson we must understand. We may give up but we can never achieve success if we easily loose hope.

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My favorite quotation of St. Augustine
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