Music Is More Than Just a Source of Entertainment for People All over the World

Music is more than just a source of entertainment for people all over the world. For many, many centuries music has been used for reasons other than just entertainment. Take our National Anthem…”The Star Spangled Banner” for example. It was written as a patriotic song and, its purpose was to evoke the countries struggles of the past, traditions, and its history. During the 1800’s when slavery was permitted the seemingly innocent spirituals, as the slave songs came to be known, were more than simple hymns of endurance and a belief in a better after life.
As sung by slaves and their descendents, the spirituals allowed the slaves to communicate secret messages and information to each other about the Underground Railroad. Music can also be therapeutic, improving our emotional estate, sleep patterns, eating habits, social skills, and behavioral awareness. It’s inspirational, energetic, and lyrically scenic. It can also be memorable, emotional, life experiencing and many other things for people everywhere. Often music is even a mood setter.
It can be calming, relaxing or even anger releasing for many people. From the day that I was brought into this world, if not before, the first words and sounds that my mother spoke to me were in the form of a lullaby. She soothed me to sleep, and taught me my ABC’s. Music has helped me, grow emotionally, physically, and intellectually, while simultaneously entertaining. Music for many, such as myself, is also a source of identity and individuality for all, as most prefer different styles and types of music

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Music Is More Than Just a Source of Entertainment for People All over the World
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