Music Performance
According to what you have found in your investigations, choose a music performance to attend and begin to prepare for the experience. 

Go see the music performance!
~Refer to Part 1 – Prelude 1 of the textbook: 
“Listening to Music Today
~Refer to Appendix III of the textbook:
“Reporting on the Concert Experience”
Bring something with which to write and take notes on observations you make during the performance. This will help with reference points and specific details writing your paper.
Go with someone and make it an event, rather than just an assignment, and compare notes and ideas.
Written Assignment
Based on your personal experience during the music performance, you will write a: 
Three-page (12pt font, double-spaced) review (essay) of a… 
single (1) and particular musical aspect of the performance that you either liked or disliked, and why or why not?

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Do: make observations about one (1) specific musical aspect of the performance and analyze it, including your opinions, thoughts, and feelings regarding those observations. That should be the major substance of your paper.
For example: 
In your paper you could focus on a particular performer, or the use of a specific instrument, or the collaborative work of the ensemble, and analyze at least two or three specific observations that you make regarding your choice.  
Your analysis should help support and illustrate the specific reason you chose to write about this aspect of the performance.
Do NOT: write about the whole performance, or anything in general. 
Do NOT: just repeat what happened and who played what.
Be very specific, use examples, and rely on your critical thinking and analysis to develop content.
Do: let me know your own ideas and opinions, such as how it was performed and what you appreciated, using musical concepts, vocabulary and terms you have learned in this course.
(i attended THE BREVET concert yesterday in HOUSE OF BLUES in anahiem , the concert started at 7pm and finished at 12 pm )(i have a video of the concert that i attended yesterday( saturday night) . i will send you the video so you can be able to know evrything about the event i attended.


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