Multicultural Literature Essay

Multicultural Literature Essay on Denise Chávez, Exploring Identity and Personal Narratives Through Multicultural Literature

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Multicultural Literature Essay
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Many of this week’s authors explore identity through fictionalized narratives of families and communities. For this week’s assignment demonstrate what you know about the characteristics of this era of multicultural literature, which roughly corresponds to the second wave of this literary genre. You also have the opportunity to write about your own cultural identity though a creative writing component of this assignment.  

Write a word essay that includes the following:

1. A brief biographical overview of (one of this week’s authors)

2. A description of the subjects and themes employed by the author

3. A description of your own experience with cultural identity; remember the word culture can encompass different aspects of your identity, such as your age (the generation you belong to – millennial), or being a student, to name two examples. Write about an experience associated with one or more aspects of your cultural identity. It is up to you to choose what to write.

Denise Chávez material attached

APA Format


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