Movie Buff: Brave heart

When you are looking for a film with brilliance, value and entertainment at the same time, you should watch out for the movie Brave Heart. It is a story of clandestine, freedom, bravery and passionate love despite all of the circumstances. Brave heart is an epic drama of 1995 by Mel Gibson. The story is originally by the novel of Randal Wallace. The story revolves about how the protagonist, William Wallace dares to change the way of how England was being managed by King Edward I also known as Longshanks.

William has been the forefront of the First War of Scottish Independence against Longshanks. The movie is indeed a catch. It does not have any dull moments or any flat lines all over the story. To serve as evidence, the movie Brave heart had won five academy awards at the 68th Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. Gibson successfully delivered the movie simple and specific yet very substantial.

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Movie Buff: Brave heart
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The scenes are not that complicated, but you can easily understand its meanings and the story. There are no ironic phases where you have to comprehend and study it more. The story might be common and cliche, but it has been delivered fairly with brilliance. The movie is great. It is a story of passion and value. It is a flow where knowledge and entertainment had meet on the middle.


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