Movie Attractions


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Movie Attractions
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Movie Attractions.

Select one movie that you enjoy. Write specifically what elements of that movie you liked 1) intellectual challenge, 2) emotional involvement 3) simple entertainment. Be sure to use detail from the film in your explanation, such as in the following example:

One of my favorite movies is Superbad. There isn’t really any intellectual challenge at all. It’s a simple story line, about friends trying to create one more big memory before they go off to college. While it might not make you think, it does play on your emotions. It reminds you of the first time you or your friends went on a wild adventure, or it makes you think of something dumb you did trying to impress someone you liked. It’s also really funny and that’s what keeps the audience interested in the movie. There are many quotable lines from the movie that people would watch it just to understand the references. For example, one of the characters in the movie got a fake I.D. and instead of getting a “normal” name, he chose the name McLovin. My mom has a restaurant and lounge and when she carded a costumer, they gave her the iconic McLovin I.D. I was really young when the movie came out, probably too young to have seen the film, but my best friend’s older brother had a copy that we stole. We would watch it over and over again until we had the whole movie memorized. Now, each time I watch the movie, I think of the countless sleepovers that were attached to it. The movie got more and more funny to me as I grew up because I started to connect dumb life stories of my adolescence to it. When reminiscing with friends, one of us will say “people don’t forget,” which is what Jonah Hill says to Dave Franco after Dave Franco tries to disregard a comment by saying “that was eight years ago.” I’ve been watching that movie for more than half of my life, so it’s become quite the security blanket for me.


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